Solar Photovoltaic

Best Solar Photovoltaic Course in India

Solar Photovoltaic

National Solar Mission of India has an objective of adding 100,000 GWs of Solar PV plants by the year 2020, which will create a huge array of jobs. Considering this massive demand, Kitucate has specially designed a Solar Photovoltaic course to familiarize students with this wonderful Green Technology on early stages.

Kitucate provides the best Solar Photovoltaic course in India with the objective to:

  • Build a solar-based DIY Project
  • Estimating the energy requirements (by putting the solar learning in action)
  • Fundamentals of Electricity
  • Hands-on experience of different factors affecting the outputs of Photovoltaic cells
  • Introduce the model of Solar Photovoltaic to students with its general uses
  • Study Photovoltaic system with its components
  • Study terminology, history and ratings

Solar Energy Information for Students

Creating and using energy is amongst the most essential subjects to learn for children. Renewable energy like solar energy is very important as countries’ economies as well as security are closely related with the use of this energy. So, kids, who learn about solar energy solar energy facts and information, will be better positioned to make accurate energy choices once they become older. Possibly they might discover some new technology, which will help us gain in getting more out from everyday solar energy. DIY solar projects for kids like solar cars, solar robots and boats could give kids with better understanding about solar energy. The solar toys are also a great way to teach kids about the solar energy science.