At Kitucate, we work with an Objective to prepare India's youth to be able to compete with Global world in Digital Era.

We work with Local NGOs to Empower Teachers, Schools and ultimately Students by transforming the memory-based Education System to an interactive and activity-based method.

Bringing World Standard Education right at the village school doorsteps.


Apart from local community support and funding for NGO, Kitucate works closely with CSR groups towards Employee Engagement and Employee Welfare programs by supporting the employees’ children staying at Corporate townships.

Classroom Laboratories are also set up in the townships, schools and territories adopted by Corporates.

How a School is Benefited Through NGO Education Project

At Kitucate’s evidence-based program, we work towards Scientific Transformation of a community. This program can be identified under rural community development project. At schools, Greater student interaction is encouraged through well researched programs that is not only contextual to the school textbook curriculum but also focuses on the thorough understanding of scientific concepts along with inculcating interest in science and technology education while acquiring grades.” Under local NGO Education Project, Village school teacher gets empowered to transform Education System in India.

Our method is based on the NBG system of learning which comprises of 4 key components.


Matches each experiments in school textbook.


Conducts each Experiment through kits.    


World Standard Videos Guided by Expert

Classroom Teaching

Guided by Expert Professionals

Classroom Teaching

Our Achievements


School Reached


Teacher Trained


Students Benefitted

Our Proven System Offers

  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Support to Curriculum
  • Compatibility to World Standards
  • Replicability Model with a Low Cost
  • Reusability
  • Lab right in the Classroom
  • Teacher Empowerment
  • Support’s the quality of education & ensure that children not only attend but also empower in school
  • Inculcates interest and in-depth understanding in Science & Technology Education while acquiring grades.
  • Enables Transformation of Science Ecosystem of a district
  • Empowers youth for tomorrow by next generation Technology Knowledge

How Kitucate Ensures Utilization of NGO Grant in Transforming Rural Education

Science Teacher Training

Experience shows that the transfer of knowledge does not take place effectively without a professional teacher guiding students. Our science teacher’s training program becomes the first and most important part of the school student’s education process. As the class teacher explains the science principle, he/she also conducts the experiment by using appropriate science kits from the set.

Classroom Lab Supply

Science project kits and Aids are supplied to the schools to emphasize activity-based learning of Science right from a young age. The kit is a classroom lab. Lab package including tools, kit and consumables enable performance of the experiment and become the second pillar. All necessary items for the experiment list in the book are a part of this box.

Impact assessment report

Teachers support system and audit play a vital role to ensure and achieve “Last Mile Delivery”.Our Audit system provides a feedback of the transformation brought into the rural education under the NGO project

Impact assessment report

Impact assessment gives a report to the NGO / Donor a view of the how benefits have reached to the students. It not only tells how successful the education NGO project is but also gives us details of the utilization of NGO grant

Inspired Young Innovators Displayed the Power to Shape the World

Our partner NGOs in this Movement

Join Us – Let's Play Our Role in Making a Better Tomorrow for India & the World.
Support the quality of Education & ensure that children not only attend but also empower in school

Hello, my name is Darshana Modi. I am teaching science subject in Rahatalav school. In October 2018 Kitucate Educational Services organized science workshop for our school. This teacher’s workshop provided us hands on experience on how to conduct science experiments in a classroom. This is really good because we teachers are from different backgrounds e.g., I am from biology background so it is quiet difficult to conduct physics or chemistry experiments practically. It was a nice experience that all the experiments we have conducted on our own during the workshop. It will be helpful for us when we teach those topics to kids.
The science kit given to us is really nice because all the required material is there inside one kit. E.g., for starch test earlier we were arranging the kit from outside, but now it is present in the classroom so we can easily perform the experiments. Students themselves performed the experiments by bringing several fruits and other eatables to check if it contains iodine. This thing is useful to build confidence in students at the same time it is easy for us to teach. Another good thing is - the book given with the kit contains all the experiments well scrutinized as per syllabus.
While it is beneficial to teachers, I am seeing benefits to students as well as Students are able to grasp and describe the concept thoroughly as they have performed themselves. We are very thankful to NBG and Kitucate system of learning.Thank you very much.

Join Us – Let's Play Our Role in Making a Better Tomorrow for India & the World.

Support the quality of Education
ensure that children not only attend
also empower in school