Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

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This simple smoke detector is highly sensitive but inexpensive. It uses a Darlington-pair amplifier employing two NPN transistors and an infrared photo-interrupter module as the sensor. The circuit gives audio-visual alarm whenever thick smoke is present in the environment.

Construct your own Smoke Detector and learn how to solder the components on a PCB as per the given layout

With this DIYE knowledge understand the working of transistors and sensors.Using this Science Learning Kit, learn and understand the principle of fire alarm, object detector, smoke alarm, gas detector, smoke sensors.The kit contains an easy to read manual describing the principle of audio visual alarm, assembly procedure, applications and a visual reference library.This kit provides hands-on activity to develop the curiosity and motivates the child to realize how things work in real life.

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Batteries Required: Yes

Batteries Included: No

Item Weight: 249 g