Magnetic Brake

Magnetic Brake

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Magnetic Brake kit is based on eddy current brakes. Your young scientist will be able to figure out how modern age locomotives, industries, robots and many more uses this fundamental for braking systems.

With this DIYE knowledge understand the working of magnetic / eddy current brakes that work based on the principles of electromagnetic induction.Using this Science Learning Kit, learn and understand the principles used in maglev and conventional train, roller coaster brakes, printing and food processing machinery etc.The kit contains an easy to read manual describing the principle of electromagnetism, magnetic flux, eddy currents, assembly procedure, applications and a visual reference library.This kit provides hands-on activity to develop the curiosity and motivates the child to realize how things work in real life.

Technical Details:

Batteries Required: Yes

Batteries Included : No

Item Weight  :249 g