Electronic Basics For All Ages

Electronic Basics For All Ages

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This introduces you to essential electronics concepts through fun, do-it-yourself projects. You'll get tips for setting up your home workbench, safely handling materials, and creating a variety of entertaining gadgets. All of the projects and experiments use inexpensive, readily available electronic components and breadboard, which creates a plug-and-play environment for you to build electronic circuits—no soldering required!

Kit provides kids with the tools and instructions they need to experiment with their own hands and learn firsthand how electronics work

With this DIYE knowledge explore the basics of electronics and circuit building.Using this Science Learning Kit, learn and understand the functionality of various electronics componenets.The kit contains an easy to read manual describing electronics basics, assembly procedure, applications and a visual reference library.This kit provides hands-on activity to develop the curiosity and motivates the child to realize how things work in real life.

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