To Empower Students & Educators and to support the quality of education to ensure that Children not only develop interest in Science and Technology but also apply the principles in real life



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Best Kit Based Science Education in India

Kitucate is the Educational Specialist, providing the kit based science education in India with kitted lessons for children of different age groups studying in any boards to help them not only score higher in exams but also getting a deep understanding about the subjects. Kitucate has developed a System of Learning that is based on the five Pillars - Text Book, Kits, Videos, Classroom Teaching by optimising the world standard learning right at your door steps.

How Students are benefited

To develop analytical thinking

To build Scientific temperament

Provides meaningful and Joyful learning experience
Gives motivation and confidence

Improved observations


Kitucate has enjoyed a great success among the homeschooling students; many of our learners are from homeschooling community. They say that the courses and system of learning provide a required science learning platform for them.

Kitucate Association

  • Kitucate is associated with several NGOs and corporate who have supported us to reach to schools in different districts in Gujarat, Maharasthra, Telangana and Karnataka.
  • Kitucate works as an Implementing Agency for such NGOs / Corporate for their CSR projects. We are offering to use system manuals completely free to all the NGOs as well as CSR projects.

Audit results & Impact Assessment

Key benefits about the Kitucate developed system of learning are also proven through the Audit and Impact assessments. Here are a few findings.

  • System of learning is helping teachers in explaining concept easily and thoroughly.
  • Teachers are able to focus on teaching without worrying about the supplies required for the experiment.
  • Teacher’s training is one of the best experience adding lots of value to teachers.
  • Students are able to score well in the exams because of a better understanding of the subject.


Digital platform to support students and teachers through e-Laboratory portal. Global expansion Kitucate App launched

2020 - 2021

Project implemented in one entire district.

2019 - 2020

Technology courses launched

2018 - 2019

Idea of Kitucate emerged. Incremental learning & syllabus compatible product launched

2015 - 2016

Products launched in 4 state languages

2016 - 2017

DIYE products launched Lab courses designed


School Reached


Teacher Trained


Students Benefitted

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All lessons are available on the go.

Turn your smart phone into the sensors and explore the surrounding conditions for better science learning experience.