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Students perform better with EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

Pre-K through HIGH SCHOOL

(CBSE, ICSE, IB, State)

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What We Offer

Atal Tinkering Lab

Lab Setup Assistance

Support for planning and design of the lab.

Tools & Equipment

Supply of P1 to P4 kit. D.I.Y.E kits

Staff Support

Training school staff and after sales support

Other Services

Organize science fair, Mentorship, Industrial collaboration and many more.

Science in Classrooms

Kits & Supplies

Classroom lab supplies include tools, kits, and consumables to be used throughout the year.

All necessary items for the experiment in the book are a part of this box.

Science Teacher’s Training

Experience shows that the transfer of knowledge does not take place effectively without a professional teacher guiding students. Our science teacher’s training program becomes the first and most important part of the school student’s education process.

Teacher Resources

Resources include Manual, material (including concept PowerPoint presentations) along with assessment tools for every science concepts.

Online Platform

24X7 online platform.

User ids for teachers & students

Video reference library for visual proofing.

Quiz and assignments to assess performance.

Science & Technology Club

Science Beyond Curriculum

Based on research, Kitucate has developed level-wise courses for the depths required to connect with the subject.

This extension enables a student to start using the lessons in real life.

Teacher’s Resources

Resources comprise of Chemicals, Glasswares, Electrical Supplies, Hardware.

Supplies, Stationery Items & other necessary items to carry out all the Experiments.

Technology Course

Latest technology courses such as

  • 3D Printing
  • Solar PV
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electronics & Robotics
Online Platform

User ids for teachers & students.

Live/recorded lectures of our science expert teachers.

Video reference library for visual proofing.

Quiz and assignments to assess performance.


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