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Kitucate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Kitucate is a kit-based education system that provides hands-on experience for the science principles educated through well-researched science kits for the 6 to 18 years kids.

Which Services or Products are offered by Kitucate?

Kitucate’s services and products come under three different verticals:

  • Contextual and Subject Kits: Contextual and subject kits are available as per the school curriculum. You can subscribe them as per the membership plans.
  • DIYE Kits: Do It Yourself with Education (DIYE) Kits offer students hands-on learning experience using different science principles for making real-life products.
  • Skill Development: Kitucate provides a learning stepladder to help children earn their living or transform their lives with different skill developments like 3D printing, Electronics, Sensors and Robotics, Solar Photovoltaic and more.
What are the Particular Products for These Verticals?
Why Hands-on Methods of Learning are Important?

There is one very famous axiom that says -

I Read – I Forget
I See – I Understand
I Do – I Remember

The hand-on method of learning gives long-lasting memory and also it’s useful to instruct the inquiring mind of as well as helps in scoring higher marks in exams.

Can My Child Do All the Kit Activities Independently?

Every child is different. The Kitucate Kits are designed by keeping the child’s age in mind. Usually, younger children might need some assistance from the parents whereas the grown-up children will be able to do the majority of their activities independently. Activities that need parental supervision (e.g. using sharp items like scissors) are clearly specified in the user manual given in the kit.

Membership Plans

Can I Purchase Membership Plan Online?

Yes. You can certainly buy Kitucate’s membership online. For further assistance, please call us or Whatsapp at +91 73783 95909. You can also mail us at wanowarie.pune@kitucate.com

How Do I Get the Kit Appropriate for My Child?

Based on our extensive research, we have divided the kits into three levels according to the complexity. So, when you order, please mention age of your child clearly in the details so that you get the correct level of kits shipped at your door steps.

If I Find These Kits Too Hard or Too Easy for My Child, Can I Switch the Age Segments Anytime Without Any Cost?

Yes, you can! The kits are always shipped as per the child’s age as well as study curriculum. Still, if you want to go to a higher or lower age segment during the subscription or any-time, just inform us through email, chat or phone call and we will change your subscription to the desired age segment without any additional charges. You will get the remaining boxes of the new age segment.

Can My Subscription Once Taken Be Paused?
Can I Cancel My Subscription Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime.
If you are not happy with our services or products, please feel free to give your valuable feedback and we will do our best to improve them.

Still, if you want to cancel your subscription for any other reasons, you can still do that. In this case, the refund will be calculated as per the monthly box values and the balance amount will be refunded to you in the next 10 working days.

Order Placement & Shipment

How Can I Place the Order?

It’s very simple. You just need to add the product in your shopping cart and continue to checkout. This checkout procedure is fairly easy and self-guided. Also, you have many payment options as per your convenience.

Is the Cash on Delivery Option Available?

Actually, we don’t offer COD payment option at the moment. When it’s available, we will publish it on our website.

If I Need Any Assistance While Placing the Order, What Should I Do?

If you need to any assistance, you can write or call us. It would be our pleasure to help you!

You can write to us at wanowarie.pune@kitucate.com or call us at +91 73783 95909.

How Much Time an Order Usually Takes for Shipping?
How Much Time You Take to Deliver My Order?

We always try to deliver the order inside seven business days. Though for the majority of metro cities, the order gets delivered in 2 to 3 business days as well as 2 to 5 business days for Tier-2 and 3 cities. For pin codes provided by the government post might experience delivery lead time of around 14 days!

How Can I Track My Orders?

You can track your orders through order tracking link, which will be sent to you in the email or you can also get it in ‘my order’ tab.

What About the Returns and Refund?

To know more about this, please refer the ‘Terms & Conditions’ page.