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Little Einstein's Summer Camp

APRIL 25, 2020 - AT Kitucate's Lab

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The most awaited time of the year is here….yes it is the Summer Vacations Kitucate brings to you “Little Einstein’s Summer Camp” Enroll your little scientists to a camp which offers them opportunities to see how basic concepts in Science & Technology relate to life in order to spark a passion for a Scientific career.

• Start Date: 22 April 2019

• 4 Weeks

• 5 Different Topics

• Daily Hands-on Fun and Knowledge Filled Activity

• Exciting Takeaways


Science Field Trip: Sericulture, Vermiculture, Bio-gas Plant.

OCTOBER 18, 2018 - AT Puna
Indeed, 13th October 2018 will be a memorable day. We at Kitucate strive to give hands-on education to our students and our trip to BAIF Development Research Foundation proved to be instrumental in achieving so.
Our Journey began with a briefing session on the technology that we were going to observe and experience at the institute. On reaching BAIF we were welcomed by the staff and in charge person Mr. Inamdar. He was very helpful in providing us with the assistance of visiting the various departments and centres operating at BAIF.
At the very beginning, we visited the Silk Museum displaying the various stages of silk rearing (Sericulture). The person in charge briefed us on the process of Sericulture through charts and preserved specimens of the Silk Worm (Egg, Pupa, Silk Worm, Cocoons). The students were later also showed the real process involved in Sericulture, namely Egg Hatching, silkworm rearing on the tree leaves, extracting silk from the cocoon and spinning of silk fibers. Our kids being very inquisitive asked many questions and were enriched with loads of knowledge!
Later the kids were shown the method of preserving the Bull's Semen using liquid Nitrogen at -196°C. A detailed information was provided by a veterinary doctor on duty about the 900 + varieties of cows and bulls present at the centre. The doctor was very generous in explaining the various laboratory techniques carried out on the collected semen using Microscope, Laminar Air Flow, water bath, etc. Definitely, our students were in sync with the technology due to hand on experience at Kitucate!
After a lunch break and play session we were taken at the Vermi-compost section and explained about the procedure involved in it. Next stop was Biogas plant and the working involved in it. Our students were surprised to know that the wastewater of biogas plant is used as a bio-fertilizer. With an end to an exciting day full of the skillful learning experience, our aim was fulfilled, and our students were enriched!

Fun With Science

Kitucate's Lab & Innovation Incubator, 1st Floor, Mannat Heights, Opp Spoon 29 Restaurant, Kedari Nagar, Wanowarie, Pune 411040
(4 - 10 years)
In this unique module we teach the little ones exciting experiments through which they can understand interesting concepts about Magnets, 3D modelling, Plant Pigments, Systems in Human Body and Optical Science etc.
Phone: +91 7378395909

Electronics Workshop

Kitucate's Lab & Innovation Incubator, 1st Floor, Mannat Heights, Opp Spoon 29 Restaurant, Kedari Nagar, Wanowarie, Pune 411040
(10 + years)
Electronics is at the very foundation of the Information and Computer Age. The different types of electronic equipments that has invaded our offices and homes these days is mind boggling. In order to master the basic principles of electronics study the different components, circuits & measuring instruments. Build circuits and test them independently. Acquire a practical knowledge of the characteristics of different devices and in constructing the various circuits. Come, let’s learn such skills by the proven scheme of “LEARNING BY DOING”.
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October, 2017 - Kitucate's Lab & Innovation Incubator, 1st Floor, Mannat Heights, Opp Spoon 29 Restaurant, Kedari Nagar, Wanowarie, Pune 411040
Have you ever watched a magic trick and wondered how it was done?Have you ever watched a science teacher do a science experiment and wondered “How and Why” it worked?Sometimes it seems there’s not much difference between “magic & science”.Many magic tricks are really just simple Science Experiments.There is a scientific explanation for how the trick works.“Kitucate’s Magical Science Vacation Camp” will help your student’s master important concepts and skills.Students will perform some fascinating experiments with unexpected results with scientific principles behind them.
Phone: +91 7378395909