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Best Kit Based Science Education in India

Kitucate is the Educational Specialist, providing the kit based science education in India with kitted lessons for children of different age groups studying in any boards to help them not only score higher in exams but also getting a deep understanding about the subjects. Kitucate has developed a System of Learning that is based on the five Pillars - Text Book, Kits, Videos, Classroom Teaching by optimising the world standard learning right at your door steps.

With Contextual Kitted Lessons, we allow the children to do experiment, take risks as well as playing with their ideas; we help them to trust themselves.

  • Contextual Kitted Lessons bring life to the School’s Science Curriculum.
  • Contextual Kitted Lessons help you to do all the science experiments in school or at home.
  • Contextual Kitted Lessons help you to move from: “I Hear - I Forget” to “I See - I Remember” and if “I Do, I Understand”.

MAKE YOUR OWN WORLD with Kitucate’s DIYE science kits for kids.

  • Builds confidence with early science skills
  • Easy-to-read guides explain the science principles applied in the products.
  • Offers playful learning while creating the real-life products

Subject Scholar Lessons allows students to trail their creative procedure and allow them to control their learning.

  • Subject Scholar Lessons provide subject based knowledge with greater depth and implicit usages.
  • You can sharpen the skill and knowledge towards the scholar level.
  • With Subject Scholar Lessons, innovative abilities and instincts find expression because the subject depths get explored.

Students that experience “Project-based Learning” in the extended hours are usually better prepared for the jobs that need critical thinking and problem-solving.

Under the professional guidance of Kitucate, you can prepare your child for the next-generation technologies.


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